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As a chaplain and mom of two kids with anxiety, I was worried when I heard how people were obtaining their CBD products. Pure, high-quality CBD is amazing for all sorts of things, but if it’s not pure, it can do more harm than good. That’s why I decided to create the purest, highest-quality CBD products I could find because I know how important that is to the health of our loved ones. Enjoy the many benefits this sacred plant can bring to your life. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!
— Lisa Lynn

The best medicine is a Pure, Natural, and Simple approach. LynFit Pure CBD Daily Wellness is inspired by nature, perfected by LynFit Nutrition, and always grown with love!

100% organic, no additives, preservatives, or emulsifiers. Experience the benefits of Pure CBD Daily Wellness. Over 1,000 studies have shown these benefits, just to name a few:

  • Strengthening bones

  • Promoting healthy tissue growth

  • Reducing nausea

  • Acting as a digestive aid

  • Reducing cravings for alcohol and nicotine

  • Helping fight cancer and inhibit cancer cell growth

  • Suppresses seizures

  • Potent antioxidant

  • And so much more…

  • Reducing aches and pains

  • Potent anti-inflammatory

  • Reducing anxiety and depression

  • Improving sleep quality

  • Suppressing appetite

  • Reducing blood sugar levels

  • Reducing pain associated with diabetes

  • Protect brain health

  • Reducing risk of artery blockage

Hemp doesn’t get you high, it gets you healthy

Only the Purest, Highest Quality Products From the Beginning!

Our life mission to help others is what motivates us to produce the best products possible. That's why I oversee every aspect of production from choosing the right kinds of seeds all the way to the packing the box.  It always starts by choosing the right people to work with who provide superior raw ingredients.  Our CBD is grown and harvested organically making sure to utilize all flowering portions of the plant for each of our products. We will only extract the most pure- highest quality material, not scraps of stem parts left over from other industries (this is what most CBD companies do to save a buck).

Like all of our products we produce we hand pick ONLY the CBD that’s harvested organically grown in healthy-nutrient rich soil that’s consistently tested and cleared for heavy metals and other contaminants before anything is even planted.

All of our products are created using pure, natural raw ingredients keeping a sharp eye on sustainability.  Because we know how important protecting the earth and our environment is when it comes to protecting the plants we use to create incredibly healing products like CBD. 

LynFit's CBD Daily Healing products are certified USDA organic and Non-GMO. We practice organic and sustainable cultivation techniques to enhance the overall health of the soil and our crop, which includes:

  • No harmful pesticides - instead, we encourage and support natural predators of common hemp pests, which eliminate pesticide use on the farm

  • Using cover crops and no-till farming methods

  • Never spraying anything toxic, harmful, or chemically regulated by the EPA

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We make a pledge to you, our customers, our community, and more importantly, to GOD, the Higher Authority, to consistently produce high-quality products you can rely on. From the inception of the idea, all the way to the final product formulation, our passion for excellence translates into everything we do. Integrity, Full Transparency, and Responsibility. And now, we offer the world's most trusted CBD products.

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